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USyd Veritas Seminars for Semester 1, 2010

27 March 2010 2 comments

The schedule for this semester’s seminar speakers and topics at the University of Sydney has been confirmed.

Date Speaker Topic
14 April Rev Dr John Fleming Can Anglicans be Catholics?
28 April Sr Mary Sarah OP Is God Male or Female?
05 May Mrs Joanne Lucas Should I move in with my partner?
12 May Mr Robert Haddad Are all Christians Saints? What about Mary Mackillop?
19 May Rev Robert Stewart OFM Cap Poverty: Real Freedom
26 May Dr Cathy Lennon Abortion and the Law: Freedom of Conscience and Medical Practitioners
02 June Mr Daniel Hill The “Dark Ages”: Exploring the myths

Veritas seminars at the University of Sydney are held on Wednesdays at 13:10 in Carslaw 273 lecture theatre during university teaching weeks. Be sure to come along, with questions!

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Does the Catholic Church hate sex?

24 March 2010 Leave a comment

Today’s forum was delivered by Mr Bernard Toutounji, whose charm and learning are juxtaposed by youth. The director of the Life, Marriage and Family Centre of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, Mr Toutounji took the unexpected approach of walking the audience through some of the basics of philosophy and Christian theology. Special attention was paid to the historical heresies which have regained popularity in modern thought. Having brought the audience up to speed, Bernard then compared these positions to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and how they compete with Catholic philosophy in their interpretation of human sexuality. The seminar was closed by addressing the common objections levelled against the Church (such as the practice of celibacy amongst clerics and religious, the prohibition of contraception and in-vitro fertilisation, and the Church’s position on homosexuality).

Join us at Sydney University next week for “What Science Knows: is there any truth in it?” with the excellent Professor James Franklin.

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What is Truth?

19 March 2010 Leave a comment

A special treat is the first of the Veritas Seminar Series events for 2010 at the University of Technology, Sydney. Mr Daniel Hill begins by laying the philosophical foundations of truth, addressing objections to the concept of truth, and then exploring the necessity of truth for individuals in their day to day lives. We then learn about the implications of truth on morality, and particularly the consequences of neglecting moral truth in societies both contemporary and historical.

This well attended seminar concluded with an extended question and answer session. View the talk below or on Youtube – be sure to come along next time and ask questions yourself!

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What Science Knows: is there any truth to it?

17 March 2010 Leave a comment

Though we had a very popular topic scheduled for today, an unfortunate misunderstanding saw the UNSW chaplaincy host Professor James Franklin. Unperturbed, we decided to use the unexpectedly free time to return to the John Paul II centre (Level 1, 245 Broadway – across the road from Victoria Park) to enjoy a loaves and chicken feast in honour of St Patrick, whose day is commemorated as a solemnity in Australia.

Thanks go to Daniel Hill, convenor of the University of Sydney Catholic Chaplaincy for hosting all the seminar guests and treating them to a fine lunch. Come back next Wednesday at 1:10 PM for Does the Catholic Church hate sex? by Mr. Bernard Toutounji.

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Catholicism: Good or Evil?

17 March 2010 Leave a comment

Seminar given by Rev Dr Richard Umbers on 10 March 2010. Four parts plus questions, watch here or use our convenient playlist at Youtube.

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