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Life Week 2010

Each year the Catholic Chaplaincy of the University of Sydney, in collaboration with the several Catholic student societies, host two major evangelisation events on campus. This year, 19 – 23 April are Life Week.

Day Speaker Topic Location
Mon Free Barbecue Lunch Manning Lawn
Tue Fr Tony Percy Same Sex Marriage: An Alternative View New Law School 026 Lecture Theatre
Wed Dr Cathy Lennon Abortion and the Law: Freedom of Conscience and Medical Practitioners Carslaw 273 Lecture Theatre
Thu Dr David van Gend The Death of Cloning: No Further Uses, Only Abuses New Law School 024 Lecture Theatre
Fri Sr Mary Madeline OP Life to the Full: Are you thriving, or merely surviving? Carslaw 375 Lecture Theatre

All events take place around the University of Sydney 1300-1400 (just after Mass). Throughout the week we also hope to distribute promotional postcards and put up posters all over campus to promote the seminars above. There will also be an information stall operating 1030-1200 and 1400-1630 each day, staffed by volunteers and members of the Chaplaincy team. If you can offer some of your time to help it would be greatly appreciated – visit the Chaplaincy page to find Rita or Beth’s contact information so they can tell you more.

This week is the biggest event of the semester for the Catholic chaplaincy and societies of the University of Sydney, and so all other events (including Bible Studies, Mere Catholicism and Spiritual Road Trip but not including Mass on campus) are suspended for the duration. Even if you are unable to help with postering, handing out postcards or attending the seminars themselves, we humbly ask your prayers for the success of Life Week 2010.

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